Äärellä is Finnish and it means ”beside something”.

Life is full of questions that don’t have easy answers. As human beings it is natural for us to reflect on questions of identity, suffering, or God. We wanted to create an event where everyone can come ponder, debate and question these topics. Our background and approach to these questions comes from a Christian perspective, but we would love to hear from yours as well.

The event is organised by the Finnish Fellowship of Evangelical Students (internationally known as IFES and in Finnish as OPKO).

Dates, topics and performers:

9.10. ”Why am I here?” Nina Åström, musician
10.10. ”Is God just an illusion?” Miika Korkatti, magician
11.11. ”Is this life all there is?” Mika Poutala, former olympic speedskater and speaker.

Speaker Michael Ots will also be presenting his perspective on the theme of each evening.

The doors open at 6.30pm and the event begins at 7.00pm.

The event is mainly in Finnish with all performances happening in Finnish, except for Michael Ots who is speaking in English.

You’re most welcome!

Äärellä18 take place in Voimala 188: Kasarmintie 1, Oulu.

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